Updated: Sep 21, 2020

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Early retirement is not about spending your time lazing around or do nothing. For me, it means taking control of your time, your most precious item. It means not wasting a second doing something you do not want to do, a simple waste of life.

Working hard often takes up a great proportion of time, taking a back seat are my interests and passions. I often think about how I got attached to a job, depending on my work as my identity, getting superficial items to impress colleagues, constantly measuring myself with others. This is something I can give up in a heartbeat. It is an attachment to work, depending on an identity as a professional.

As yourself what is more meaningful for you when you reach financial freedom, when you do not have to work for money. What does freedom mean to you? You achieved your objective, now make new ones.

For me, there are a few parts to it:

Keep working, try new challenges on something you are passionate about

Spend time into with favourite hobbies and travel with my family.

Give an impact to the disadvantaged people around you, get involved with volunteering and philanthropy.

I continue to work because I enjoy it, not because I have to. I choose to work on your own terms. I continue to manage projects, implement learning courses, dabble in Amazon, run my website and blog, amongst others.

For those who love their work, negotiate flexible hours or work remotely. You now have the leverage to turn it into a hobby. Otherwise, pursue that desired job you always wanted. Improve yourself by taking online classes, or attend any self-improvement class.

People find satisfaction creating something they enjoy with their own skills. Watch YouTube tutorals to play a musical instrument. Find workshops to paint or draw. Take up photography, cooking delicious cuisine, brew your own beer. You may find some way to make money doing one of your hobbies.

My other passion is travelling and exploring new cultures. I dream of renting a vehicle and going on the road trip for months. The Rockies, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park are in my list. Traveling caters to all persons: Do you love nature? Hike the trails in Swiss Alps and New Zealand. Are you a food connoisseur? Visit the restaurants in Tokyo and Paris. Want to try street food? Go to Bangkok and Istanbul. Are you a history buff? Explore the castles along the Rhine or the Pantheon. Go to New Orleans or marvel at the WWII battlefields in Europe. Enjoy white sand beaches? Take a cruise to the Caribbean. Looking for something spiritual? Join the many pilgrimages that are available.

Finally, if you consider yourself fortunate to have more money than you need, contribute to a cause you believe in. Help charities, use your time and influence to raise funds. It is well worth your effort.

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