One to one coaching- boutique style


$99 per hour only!

Limited Time!

6 hours of coaching

Learn how to buy straight calls and puts, and sell naked calls and puts in a systematic manner.
Learn about Fundamentals and Value Investing
Learn to Portfolio Size 
Learn Stop-Loss Strategies 
Learn about how to track your Profit and Losses and manage trades better.
About the Trainer:
Dr Lu started out her trading journey 10 years ago and has since made multiple winning trades on forex. In 2018, she switched to value investing, options and futures trading for a more relaxing lifestyle where she did not have to monitor so closely and still have awesome winning trades.
Many students have been interested and signed up for one to one coaching program.  One to one coaching is akin to hiring a Tuition Teacher/Personal Trainer for your Options. 
Our rates in the market are as low and reasonable as a school student's school fees. They are priced in to allow you to learn at your own time and own target. Beginning at a fee of only $99 per hour (Originally at $199 per hour) for a six hour package, Dr Lu has personally coached and trained her own students to have a portfolio increase of 30%!
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